Ande Schurr



Picture of AmosThe inspiration behind becoming a Sound Recordist.

I was inspired to learn the craft of Sound Recording from BBC sound man Mike Westgate - the mixer on The World's Fastest Indian and the Cousteau expeditions.

At film school, he would deliver guest-lectures on sound theory along with his experiences in the film industry.

Mike taught me many things but most importantly, he showed me through example the importance of diversifying and not remaining stuck on one kind of production format.

That is why I enjoy in equal measure, feature films, documentaries, TV Commercials and reality TV drama. Each bring a completely different set of requirements.

When dealing with the public, such as on documentaries, there is a refreshing level of sincerity that brings a deep appreciation that we are doing something good in the world, or at least for the people or subject we are involved with.

Feature films are quite different in this respect yet immensely rewarding in their own way. Dealing with many actors and large crews gives one the feeling of being in an instrumental ensemble for an orchestra. We each have our one small note to play, but it is an important note none the less, without which the film would not get made perfectly.


I had the good fortune to field direct a shoot with Ande recently for an upcoming reality TV series. At all times during filming Ande was the perfect team player; pleasant, hard working, intelligent and extremelly capable. I would work with him again in a jiffy.

Michael 'Hudsie' Huddleston , co-director of Emergency Heroes.

Ande is helpful, professional, good with children and gives great sound results.

Liz Garneau, Producer, Automatic Films

During the edit, it became blatantly clear that the quality of your work was by far the best from the other sound recordists we had used. The dialogue was clear and distinct from the horrendous background noises, and the recording levels were far better than the rest. Thank you for your commitment and enthusiasm during the shoot. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to other directors and production companies.

Alan Gibb, Film Director at Omnicron Productions



Taking a moment in the sun on a Cape Reinga shoot, top of the North Island, NZ

Air NZ shoot with steadicam operator Rhys Duncan

On top of a commercial construction site for a NZ Steel shoot.